If our Jenny looks this good warming up, I really would like to see when she starts to perform. For her warm ups, Jenny has chosen a wonderful layered look that shows every curve.  From shoulder to toes, she is nothing but smooth enticing nylon.

Her first layer is a basic dance unitard that nicely matches her skin tones, yet gives her shape a very smooth and touchable look. I know my hands would just love to caress those long, lovely legs. She added a little touch of contrasting color with her shiny dark red briefs. They draw us into the right places, but leaves just enough to the imagination.

Last, but of course not least, one can almost picture Jenny shrugging into her black spandex top and then sitting down to slowly pull on her thick white leg warmers. To look this hot just stretching in tight, close fitting spandex, I know I want to see more.