Eighties Pantyhose ModelJenny is definitely dressed to kill. Her legs will draw a lot of attention from all lookers wherever she goes. The smooth sexy shine of her jet black pantyhose will catch all eyes pointing her way.

And even some that aren’t. That will be just the beginning, her legs will get even more attention from the shape that her sexy high heels give them. If some one happens to look away they will have to snap back once they realize that her outfit is not done with them yet.

Jenny wrapped herself from hips to chest in a stretchy, black cire dress that will show every curve with every movement she makes. Regardless if she is walking down the street, dancing in a club or even just standing still flirting, everyone will want get a closer look.

Some may even dare to try to feel all that wonderful spandex wrapping her heavenly body. Maybe just a simple brush, or even a casual caress to a full on intentional massage will be meant to let Jenny know that she will need to give a command performance at the end to the night.  A long, slow, lusty striptease.