Sexy Pantyhose Legs

Spandex Pantyhose LeotardFor those of us who remember the 80s, we know just how exciting those time were for those who appreciate spandex, pantyhose and shine. Linda has a wonderful treat for us.

She has consented to slip into a pair of bright yellow tights and shiny black leotard. Covering her wonderfully long legs in bright neon glow from her toes to her delicate hips and gently squeezing her slim body from her shapely butt to her neck. Did she savor the feeling of gliding the clean, tight Lycra from around each ankle, up over her calves, past her knees and finally to her thighs, crotch and waist?  Smooth. And firm, like a gentle hug for her lower body. With every movement, she would get a pleasant reminder that she was wearing one of her favorite pieces of clothing.

After a few moments, she would step into the legs of that colorful leotard. Slowly pulling the bodysuit over her knees and then start to feel some resistance as her thighs began to expand the material. Then tug the leotard over her hips and sense the first tinglings of compression on her crotch and pelvis as she pulls it tight into position just above her delicate waist. With practiced grace, each arm would find the waiting sleeve, then quickly pull each shoulder into place to complete the coverage. Almost unconsciously, her hands would smooth every inch of her spandex containment garments to ensure no flaws would be visible. Now, off to the work out.