Wrong or not, I can certainly appreciate Juni dressed from head to toe in beautiful blue spandex. The rich navy blue tights flatter her long firm legs. Nicely drawing my eye to her bright shiny thong leotard.

Perfectly compressing abdomen and waist, up to her chest and shoulders as she move for the camera. Juni teases us with a light blue sheer long sleeve top that sparks out imaginations and completing a wonderfully tight layered beautiful female form. Juni may be wrapped in the blues, but her attitude it pure fun.

I can easily see that she enjoys dressing in spandex and showing off her exquisite body. For her final tease she changes to what has to be the shiniest pair of pantyhose I have ever seen. I can’t get enough of the excellent fit and delightful sheen that covers those fabulous legs. I can almost hear the rustle when she rubs her legs together. If this is what it means to have the blues, I want them every day. Thank you Juni.

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