From the very first look, our Linda is all legs. That and her slim build lends very well to the display of tight spandex. All through-out her stretching routine, her ribbed ankle length tights and colorful leotard cling to her every curve. Linda starts us off with a little tease, her blue loose crop top starts our imaginations to wonder.

Linda then moves our attention to her feet, for those who enjoy a pointed toe, leading to her trying on her slipper and then the retro leg warmers. Now we move into some serious stretching that provides us views of every shiny side and angle of this lycra clad body. A quick change to the same tight thong leotard and some glossy pantyhose brings us into the final stage of her routine.

We are privileged to view some intense positions from our vantage point that could only be described as “exciting” to say the least. Whew! Linda isn’t the only one who will need a shower.

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