After all the time it took.  Tatjana has the perfect look. She works hard to keep her figure and now wants to show it off. Her tight, fuchsia cocktail dress is a fabulous fit and will show her ample breasts and curvaceous hips.

To add a flirty feeling to the outfit, she added her best jet black, shiny tights. She loves the way her spandex makes her feel. All night long she will be sensually caressed by the slight compression up and down her legs. The anticipation of an entire night of being gently stimulated has her impatient for the fun to begin. She can’t help herself. A glass of wine to distract her only gets the warming started. She starts slowly, just an innocent, rubbing of her hand over her glossy pantyhose. Then moving her lycra covered legs against one another begins her climb.

Will he ever show? You’ll see on