She’s dressed, but is she ready? Holly is taking a moment to see if she is ready. She starts at her feet, the shoes are her favorites and functional. The leg warmers go with the leotard she has chosen. Her tights are fantastic. The lurex material has a great color along with the sparkles, always get her the most looks.

She knows her legs can’t be looked at just once. Especially when she is in motion. The light gets caught and reflected with ever move she makes. Whether she is on a machine, or just stretching in the mirror, she can always see the looks she is getting. It makes all the hard work worth it, even in the gym.

Finally, her leotard. Here is the best part of her outfit. The extra thick material and the size gives just the right amount of tight compression that gives her a constant reminder while she likes spandex and lycra. Leotards and tight always give her the feeling of a nice snug body hug.

Yes, she’s ready.