The bright contrast of blue & yellow of her metallic leotard is the first thing that can bee seen. Long sleeve, high neck, a gymnastics leotard for sure. Lying on her side with her leg raised, held by her glossy arm draws the eye to what could be the best part of the pose.

Her legs. Encased in glossy, smooth tights, her legs are perfect.
They take on a plastic appearance that begs to be studied, inch by wonderful inch.  Slowly, from the back of her upraised thigh, up to her bent knee, passed her passive hand then down the smooth, tanned lower leg to an exquisite ankle and foot and finally the toes. Then back up the leg again and down to a little hint of color, then down the other leg. So smooth, so sexy, a great pose. Somewhere there is a lucky guy that hopefully will get to caress that spandex encased body for hours. See more: