Choose who is hotter. Like hot or not but photo battle style! Two nylon hotties and one shiny outfit. Who looks better in the tight gymnastic dress? Vote for now:

This is one of the HOTTEST updates yet!  Juni and Estella in the same outfit (except for the pantyhose) going head to head against each other to see who is the HOTTEST wearing the Sexy Cheerleader leotard!  Both of these Sexy babes have Incredible bodies, and they both have some Super-HOT legs… So Yummy!!!

Personally, I can’t decide because I think that both of these girls are so Ridiculously HOT and Sexy. It is just Impossible for me to decide! Either way, we all win when we have 2 HOT girls like Estella & Juni going head to head against each other dressed in such an Amazing look!

That blue & yellow leotard looks HOt as Hell on both of these Amazing girls and the different shade of pantyhose that each girl chose looks Perfect for each of them! I really love the way Estella’s pantyhose look on her Yummy Sexy legs…the shade goes Perfectly with her skin-tone, and the same can be said of Juni and her Deliciously HOT legs and those pantyhose she is wearing!

I say, may the best girl win…but both girls are just TOO Damn HOT for me to even come to my own conclusion.  I say, wouldn’t it be great if there were a tie…this way, we would all get to see a Sexy unpublished photo from each of these HOT babes!!!

What a HOT catfight… 2 Super-Yummy babes in HOT Shiny pantyhose and A Mega-HOT shiny leotard going up against each other to see who is HOTTER!!  My Answer…both of them!!!

Round 1: Estella

In the 1st round Estella gives everything to make you hot. But will it be enough when her rival will take the stage? You decide!

Round 2: Juni

Now it’s time for Juni to show off. Is she sexy enough to beat her competitor? Log in to So-Shiny and you’ll see!