Everything about this set is just Fantastic!  Linda has those legs that make you drool… so Long and Sexy…damn those are some Delicious legs, it’s no wonder they call her Leggy Linda!

The outfit that she wears is just Incredible… I really love the color pink and seeing her in a pink leotard is just Breathtaking!  The layered look of those tight black leggings over her Hot shiny pantyhose is enough to drive a person wild!  I really love the way the pink and black colors of her Yummy outfit go together and hug every single curve of her Delicious body… especially those Intoxicating legs of hers!!

The shiny look of her Sexy super-tight leotard and leggings/pantyhose look is just Perfect for this Sexy girl! I think that pink is was the Perfect color to go with her for Sexy leotard and I just love how tight it is against her pantyhose… those shots are really so Mouthwatering and really show off just How Sexy Linda is and just How Damn HOT this look can be when done properly, which in the case of So-Shiny… it is, they always do it right here!!  Oh, those legs of hers are just Perfection…and this set is Perfection!!!

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