This is such a HOT coupling…both Madeleine (Brunette) & Fiona (Blonde) look So Incredibly 80′s and SO Incredibly Flashdance in this set!

I love both of their looks. Madeleine looks Amazing in those Extra-Shiny pantyhose and those legwarmers over them are a very Nice touch!  The tight Turquoise blue leotard looks Amazing on that tight body of hers and I really like the matching headband!

Fiona, on the other hand went for a more nylon-type of look. The black leggings and her Sexy pink headband and red & black legwarmers, plus her tight black top and kind-of pink shorts…Very HOT!

This set really does capture the Flashdance look Perfectly and these 2 Sexy girls look SO Amazing dressed in all of that HOT dance gear!  I  really love this look and I am glad that I get to enjoy it again here on So-Shiny, now that the 80′s have been gone for So long!!!

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